10 Must-See Orange County Locations for Engagement Photos

Hey there, lovebirds and fellow photographers! Orange County isn’t just a sunny paradise; it’s a treasure trove of stunning locations perfect for capturing your wedding or engagement memories. From charming beaches to historic landmarks, this area has something for every couple. So, grab your camera (or your partner) and let’s dive into the top 10 spots for wedding and engagement photos in Orange County.

If you’re open to branching out, we have a comprehensive list of locations in Los Angeles as well.

Laguna Beach

Why It’s Great

Laguna Beach offers more than just breathtaking ocean views – it’s a vibrant hub for art and culture. The diverse scenery, from rocky shores to lush parks, makes it a versatile spot for wedding photos.

Best Photo Spots

  • Main Beach: Perfect for capturing the bustling beach scene with a stunning ocean backdrop.

  • Heisler Park: Offers beautiful coastal views, tide pools, and plenty of greenery.

  • Victoria Beach: Known for its picturesque pirate tower and serene beauty, ideal for unique, fairy-tale-like shots.

Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Why It’s Great

Stepping into Mission San Juan Capistrano feels like traveling back in time. This historic landmark is filled with beautiful architecture and lush gardens, providing a timeless backdrop for wedding photos.

Best Photo Spots

  • Great Stone Church ruins: These ruins offer a dramatic and historic setting.

  • Central courtyard: With its fountains, flowers, and archways, it’s perfect for intimate, romantic shots.

engagement photos in Mission San Juan Capistrano

Crystal Cove State Park

Why It’s Great

Crystal Cove State Park is a haven for nature lovers. Its pristine beaches and rugged coastline are complemented by historic beach cottages, offering a variety of settings for stunning photos.

Best Photo Spots

  • Beach cottages: These charming structures provide a unique, vintage backdrop.

  • Tide pools: Perfect for capturing the intricate details of nature.

  • Scenic overlooks: Offer breathtaking views of the coastline for sweeping, romantic shots.

engagement photos in Crystal Cove State Park

Huntington Beach Pier

Why It’s Great

Known for its lively surf culture and expansive sandy beaches, Huntington Beach Pier is an iconic location that exudes a fun, beachy vibe. It’s a fantastic spot for capturing the essence of Southern California.

Best Photo Spots

  • The pier itself: Perfect for classic shots with the ocean in the background.

  • Beach at sunset: The sunsets here are absolutely stunning, casting a warm, beautiful glow over your photos.

engagement photos in Huntington Beach Pier

Sherman Library & Gardens

Why It’s Great

Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar is a hidden gem with lush, well-maintained botanical gardens. It’s an ideal spot for couples who want a serene and colorful setting for their wedding photos.

Best Photo Spots

  • Rose garden: Filled with vibrant roses, perfect for romantic close-ups.

  • Tropical conservatory: Offers a lush, green backdrop for exotic and unique photos.

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wedding portraits in Sherman Library & Gardens

Irvine Regional Park

Why It’s Great

Irvine Regional Park offers diverse landscapes, from orange groves to tranquil lakes. It’s a great location for couples who want a mix of natural settings in their wedding photos.

Best Photo Spots

  • Orange groves: Provide a unique, rustic backdrop for sunny photos.

  • Lakeside areas: Ideal for capturing serene, reflective moments.

Irvine Regional Park Engagement Photos

Newport Beach Engagement Photos

Why It’s Great

Newport Beach is known for its elegant waterfront and beautiful harbor, making it perfect for couples looking to capture the upscale, nautical vibe of Orange County.

Best Photo Spots

  • Balboa Pier: Offers stunning views of the ocean and harbor.

  • Newport Harbor: Perfect for capturing the elegance of the waterfront, with beautiful boats and yachts as a backdrop.

Crystal Cove State Park Engagemenet Photos

Richard Nixon Library & Museum

Why It’s Great

The Richard Nixon Library & Museum offers an elegant, historic setting with lush gardens and beautiful architecture. It’s a fantastic spot for adding a touch of sophistication and history to your wedding photos.

Best Photo Spots

  • Reflecting pool: Provides a serene and elegant backdrop.

  • Rose garden: Filled with vibrant blooms, ideal for romantic and colorful shots.

Richard Nixon Library & Museum wedding photos

Dana Point Headlands

Why It’s Great

Dana Point Headlands boasts scenic coastal cliffs and stunning ocean views. It’s perfect for couples looking to capture the rugged beauty of the California coast.

Best Photo Spots

  • Headlands trail: Offers panoramic views of the ocean and coastline.

  • Panoramic viewpoints: Ideal for capturing dramatic, sweeping shots of the cliffs and ocean.

Dana Point Headlands engagement photos

Fullerton Arboretum

Why It’s Great

Fullerton Arboretum is a peaceful haven with diverse plant collections and beautiful landscapes. It’s ideal for couples wanting a serene and natural setting for their wedding photos.

Best Photo Spots

  • Lake: Provides a tranquil, reflective backdrop.

Redwood grove: Offers a unique and majestic setting with towering trees.

Fullerton Arboretum engagement photos


And that concludes my top 10 picks for the best wedding photography locations in Orange County. From the charming beaches of Laguna to the historic allure of Mission San Juan Capistrano, Orange County offers an array of stunning backdrops for your special day. Whether you prefer a lively beach scene or a serene garden, there’s something here for everyone. So, pick your favorite spot, grab your partner, and let’s create some magical memories. And remember, as your trusty wedding photographer, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

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