Do You Need A Second Photographer At Your Wedding?

Have you ever wondered how some wedding photographers seem to be in every place at once while they’re shooting a wedding? They’re running around trying to get all the shots, all the angles, all the people, not miss a candid moment, and still find time to use the restroom.

Perhaps you’re in the beginning stages of planning your wedding and trying to find the perfect wedding photographer in Los Angeles. Here are some things you consider when trying to decide between needing 1 or 2.

Wedding Size

This is an obvious consideration, but depending on the size of your event in terms of attendees may dictate what you decide.

Is it a small, intimate wedding or even a mid-sized wedding (think 50-100 people)? In this situation, it may be best to only have one photographer from a size, and cost, perspective. Even with destination weddings, you may choose to only fly out one photographer.

Perhaps you both come from large families and have a large inner circle of friends (think 200-400 people). You might have a big checklist of family photos needed, a bigger space to fit everyone, and more happenings than a smaller wedding. Having two photographers work wells in this situation and allows broader coverage.

Wedding Budget

Contrary to popular belief, adding a second shooter isn’t necessarily a lot more than hiring a single shooter. Many photographers in Los Angeles give you the option of tailoring your choice with your budget. Our wedding packages have options to include a second photographer, additional bridal session or rehearsal dinner.

After talking to many brides and grooms, we’ve decided to start offering single-shooter packages along with two-shooter packages. Because many are paying for their weddings out-of-pocket, it was apparent we needed to offer more flexibility and choices.

Wedding Day Coverage

Did you always dream that when you first said your “I do’s” that it might be captured from two vantage points? We’ve all seen our friends’ photos that show a close-up near the altar and then another show from among the pews. Or perhaps you love the thought of someone capturing you first walking down the aisle while the other photographer captures the reaction of your future spouse. It’s pretty priceless, isn’t it?

If you’re thinking about having more than one photographer, you may want to consider having a wedding content creator as well. They can totally up your wedding game. You can consider it your “third photographer” 🙂

As a dynamic wedding photographer, I’m extremely versatile in the fact that I can accommodate the needs of each the bride and groom. Need someone to help capture the moment when your mom first sees you in your dress? I’ve got your back. Need a guy to go out and grab a 6-pack for the groomsmen? I’ve got you covered too.

There isn’t a right or wrong number of wedding photographers to have at your wedding- it’s a matter of choice. Making that choice is easier when you consider what your needs are and even during our consultation, we can work with you to navigate that. Here are Five Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer to make sure they’re the best fit.

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