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Fall Wedding at the Lied Lodge

A Sudden Change in Plans

Ecem and Brent had envisioned an outdoor wedding surrounded by the vibrant fall colors at the Lied Lodge. However, Mother Nature had other plans, and due to rain and a surprise snowfall, the festivities were moved indoors. This unexpected twist didn’t dampen spirits; instead, it added a unique and memorable element to their micro wedding.

Snowflakes and Smiles

One of the most endearing moments took place during their wedding portraits. With the snow gently falling, I had Ecem and Brent try to catch snowflakes on their tongues. These playful shots captured the couple’s spirit and the snowy weather.

A Taste of Turkey in Nebraska

Ecem, born and raised in Turkey, ensured that her heritage was beautifully woven into the celebration. The reception featured an array of Turkish delights, offering guests a taste of her culture. These sweet treats were not only delicious but also served as a delightful conversation starter, bringing a piece of Turkey to Nebraska. 

Wedding Photographer from Omaha, Nebraska

Embracing Every Weather Twist

Choosing a wedding photographer from Omaha, Nebraska, means working with someone who understands how quickly the weather can change and how to make the best of every situation. My experience enables me to capture vibrant photographs that embrace these elements, whether it’s a serene snowfall or the warm glow of an indoor celebration.

Personal Touches that Tell Your Story

My approach to wedding photography is all about capturing the essence of the couple and the unique details that make their day special. From cultural treats like Turkish delights to fun, spontaneous moments like catching snowflakes, I focus on the details that personalize your wedding and make your story stand out.

Planning to Elope in California or Celebrate in Nebraska?

Whether you’re considering an elopement in the diverse landscapes of California or planning a traditional wedding in Nebraska, I’m here to capture every moment. As a dedicated Los Angeles wedding photographer, I bring a unique perspective to every wedding, ensuring that your photographs reflect the beauty and uniqueness of your celebration.