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Boho Wedding in Los Angeles

A Perfect Blend of Boho Charm and Midwest Flair

Liz and Kevin’s wedding at Calamigos Ranch was a beautiful amalgamation of Boho chic and Midwest sensibilities, creating a unique and stylish atmosphere that was both inviting and vibrant. Their choice to blend these styles reflected their personal tastes and backgrounds, making their wedding uniquely their own.

Bridesmaids in Shades of Purple

The bridesmaids added a colorful dimension to the day, each dressed in different shades of purple. This choice not only enhanced the Boho theme but also brought a playful contrast to the natural settings of Calamigos Ranch, enriching the visual palette of the wedding.

brides throwing Boquete in the air muted tone dresses

Malibu Wedding at Calamigos Ranch

As a Calamigos Ranch wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing many beautiful moments throughout Liz and Kevin’s special day. One of my favorite parts was when the bridal party threw their bouquets in the air—an exhilarating moment that brought laughter and joy, which I captured in vivid, dynamic photographs.

Golden Hour Portraits Amidst Overcast Skies

The overcast weather during the golden hour provided a stunningly soft light that made the tones of the natural surroundings pop. This lighting condition was perfect for capturing some of my favorite wedding portraits of Liz and Kevin. The diffuse light enhanced the intimate and romantic atmosphere, allowing their love and happiness to truly shine through the images.

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wedding couple in sunflower field

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer for your Malibu wedding means selecting someone who can capture the essence of your venue as well as the subtleties of your chosen theme. My experience at Calamigos Ranch, combined with my ability to utilize natural lighting and capture spontaneous moments, ensures that every photo tells a story.

Whether it’s capturing the vibrant hues of bridesmaid dresses or the serene moments of a couple in love under the soft golden hour light, I am dedicated to making your wedding photography as enchanting and memorable as your wedding day itself.

Planning Your Boho Wedding in Los Angeles?

If you’re dreaming of a Boho wedding in Los Angeles, especially at a venue as picturesque as Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, and need a photographer who understands how to blend artistic flair with personal touches, look no further. As a dedicated Los Angeles wedding photographer, I am excited to help you capture your wedding day.