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Vietnamese Tea Ceremony in Los Angeles

Early Risers for the Traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

Imagine the sun hasn’t even thought about rising yet, and there you are, getting ready to start one of the biggest days of your life. That was the scene for Nhung and Phong, who kicked off their wedding day at 5 AM sharp. As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I’m used to these long days. Combining a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony with your wedding day? Let’s just say, it’s not for the faint of heart but absolutely for the big-hearted!

The Beautiful Chaos of Lễ Ăn Hỏi

Phong started the day by leading the Lễ Ăn Hỏi, a traditional Vietnamese engagement ceremony. This involved a lively procession to Nhung’s family home, where gifts were exchanged, and blessings were given, all wrapped up in the excitement and nerves that could power a small village.

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From Feast to Dress Up

Post-ceremony, the couple headed to Phong’s place for a feast that was a food blogger’s dream. The menu was a roll call of Vietnamese favorites: bánh cuốn, bún thịt nướng, and chả giò. Energy levels were restored, and it was time to switch to their wedding attire. Nhung slipped into her traditional dress in a spare room, transforming into the bride, while Phong got ready downstairs.

A First Look in a Field of Dreams

Their first look was nothing short of cinematic, set in a vast field that stretched into the horizon. The moment Phong turned around to see Nhung, it was as if time paused—except for the cameras, of course.

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A Chase Through Pillars and Laughter

Right after the first look, the wedding party, fueled by joy (and perhaps a bit of the morning’s feast), chased Nhung and Phong through some majestic pillars we’d scouted earlier. It was like a scene out of a fun and frolic-packed movie, only better because it was real.

Mot, Hai, Ba, YO!

The reception? Oh, it was lively with a capital “L”! We moved from table to table, toasting in Vietnamese with a hearty “Dô!” at each stop. The air buzzed with music, laughter, and the kind of happiness that only weddings can conjure.

Exploring More About Vietnamese Wedding Traditions

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From the early start to the last toast, Nhung and Phong’s wedding was a fabulous fusion of tradition and celebration, all captured by your dedicated Los Angeles wedding photographer. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of cultural ceremonies or capturing the candid joy of a reception, we make sure every moment counts!