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Vietnamese Tea Ceremony in Orange County

An Early Start to a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

Our adventure began at a time when even the roosters were hitting the snooze button—4 AM. Yes, you read that right! This wasn’t just any day; it was Annie and Vu’s wedding day, complete with a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony. For those in the know, combining this with a wedding day isn’t just a feat, it’s an epic undertaking that requires caffeine levels only legal in certain states.

The Traditional Lễ Thành Hôn with a Side of Nerves

Vu kicked off the festivities by leading a procession to Annie’s family home, adhering to the beautiful Lễ Thành Hôn traditions. Picture this: a parade of family members, all more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, carrying beautifully wrapped gifts in red cloth to symbolize luck. And let me tell you, everyone was praying those gifts contained some of that luck too!

Vietnamese couple getting married in Orange County

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Vietnamese Tea Ceremony Food Delights

Post-ceremony, everyone got to attack a feast that would make any foodie drool. We’re talking mountains of phở, platters of bánh xèo, and rolls of gỏi cuốn that were snapped up faster than selfies at a celebrity sighting. It was a lunch where every bite was a reminder of why waking up at ungodly hours can sometimes be totally worth it.

Glam Time and First Looks

While Annie was off getting dolled up at the salon, Vu retreated to his Airbnb for some peace, quiet, and probably to practice his “I’m not crying, you’re crying” face. The “first look” at the venue was nothing short of a mini-drama series climax—Vu absolutely lost it (in the best way possible), and yes, we have the photos to prove every teary-eyed moment!

Vietnamese Tea Ceremony Wedding in Orange County

Vietnamese Wedding Photographer in Orange County

From Emotional Vows to Cake-Faced Brothers

The ceremony was as heartwarming as the summer day was long (and trust me, it was a scorcher). But let’s not forget the reception—where the real party kicked off. Highlight of the evening? Annie and Vu turning Vu’s brother into a human cake stand. Because, why not? And yes, the dance floor was on fire too, with Vu and his brothers breaking out moves that would have dance crews taking notes.

Dive Deeper into Vietnamese Wedding Traditions

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From early morning starts to cake-in-the-face finishes, Annie and Vu’s wedding was one for the books. Captured by your spirited Orange County wedding photographer, every moment was a blend of tradition, tears, and a whole lot of laughter.