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Engagement Photos at Hitchcock Nature Center

From Pizza to Puppies: A non-traditional Omaha Engagement Shoot

Our engagement session with KiKi and Brian started in the heart of Omaha’s Blackstone District, at Noli’s Pizzeria, where their love story began. Capturing them in a place that holds such special memories added a genuine warmth and familiarity to the photos. The laughter and affection were as natural as the setting, with each slice of pizza bringing out their playful sides.

After enjoying some of Omaha’s finest pizza, we headed to the beautiful Hitchcock Nature Center. The transition from the urban backdrop to the serene landscapes of the nature center provided a wonderful contrast, showcasing the versatile beauty of Omaha and the couple’s dynamic relationship.

A Puppy’s Playful Interruption

The real excitement began when KiKi and Brian brought out their adorable puppy, who quickly became the unintentional star of the show. One of the first things their furry friend did was take a massive dump right as we set up for a shot. This unexpected moment turned into one of the funniest incidents of the day, leaving us all in stitches and making the photo session uniquely memorable.

These are the moments that truly define an engagement shoot—not just the planned poses but the spontaneous events that bring out genuine reactions and interactions. Our laughter and the relaxed atmosphere helped capture some truly beautiful and candid shots of KiKi and Brian, with the vast backdrop of Hitchcock Nature Center making this engagement shoot larger than life.

Omaha Wedding Photographer

Looking for an Omaha wedding photographer who can navigate both the charming urban settings and the majestic natural landscapes of Nebraska? My session with KiKi and Brian showcases my ability to blend meaningful urban beginnings with the tranquility of nature, all while keeping the mood light and joyful.

Whether it involves your favorite pizza joint, a beloved pet, or a scenic nature walk, I’m here to ensure that your engagement photos reflect your personality and relationship. Let’s create a session that you will look back on not just for the beautiful photos but for the wonderful memories made along the way.