Engagement Photos in Griffith Park

More Than Just Their Photographer

Working with Lisa and Hiep was an absolute pleasure; so much so that I was not only their photographer for this engagement session but also for their traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony and their wedding. Our collaboration during these events allowed us to develop a bond that transcended the usual client-photographer relationship.

Our connection grew stronger over time, leading to an invitation to their joint bachelor and bachelorette party in Las Vegas. This experience further enriched our friendship and provided me with deeper insights into their personalities and love story, insights that I could capture authentically in their photos.

The engagement shoot began in the iconic settings of DTLA, capturing the couple’s vibrant and playful spirit against a backdrop of Downtown Los Angeles buildings. As the day progressed, we made our way to Griffith Park, timing our arrival perfectly to capture the soft, golden light of sunset that draped the couple in a romantic glow.

Santa Monica Engagement Shoot In California Wedding Photographer

Your DTLA Engagement Photographer

Choosing an engagement photographer in DTLA means finding someone who can navigate both the energetic urban environment and the tranquil settings of places like Griffith Park. My experience with Hiep and Lisa showcases my ability to capture diverse settings and moments, ensuring that every photo session is as unique as the couple’s story.

Whether you’re planning an engagement session, a wedding, or any special celebration, I’m here to capture each moment with care and creativity. My approach goes beyond photography, building relationships that allow me to capture the true essence of your significant milestones.

Looking For A Vietnamese Wedding Photographer?

If you’re looking for a Vietnamese wedding photographer who understands the importance of personal connections and can seamlessly blend city vibes with natural beauty, I’m ready to help. Get a hold of me to discuss how we can capture the beautiful chapters of your love story, from engagement photos in Griffith Park to your wedding day and beyond.

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